Subaru Wheel Rim

Introduction of Subaru:
Subaru, the subordinate of FHI, is a professional automobile manufacturer. Founded in 1953, Subaru also provides various planes, engines and other multipurpose transport equipment. The trademark of Subaru is six stars.

Subaru Wheel Rim Description:
Subaru adopts full-time four wheel rims drive mode. Subaru is also equipped with the front wheel rim brake and the rear wheel brake. Both of them are disc type. In addition, it is combined with the mechanical hand brake. Temporary spare tire can be available. Subaru wheel rim is made of steel.

Specification of Subaru Wheel Rim:

Wuxi Hengsheng Wheel Co., Ltd is a professional Subaru steel wheel rim manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to Subaru steel wheel rim, we also provide other famous models steel wheels (rims) for our clients around the world, like Suzuki wheel, Toyota wheel, Mini wheels (Mini rims), Volvo wheel, Mercedes wheel (rim), Volkswagen wheels (rims), Mitsubishi wheel, NISSAN wheel, OLDSMOBILE wheel, PONTIAC wheel, SAAB wheel, etc. We possess a professional technology team to guarantee the manufacturing of Subaru wheel rim. We will checkout all the products and give out a survey report. According to the needs of every client, there will be a dynamic balance sample survey among parts of the qualified Subaru wheel rim.

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