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  • Russian Snow Wheel1.This type of winter steel wheel rim is available in a wide variety of sizes.
    2.It is a kind of high class product with stable quality
    3.We have a professional technology team, and have a high quality requirement to the products.
    4.In order to make sure all products are conducted fully, we possess a professional quality controller.
    5.The shelf life and quality of this winter steel wheel rim are all improved by conducting the product's surface treatment and preliminary treatment
  • Canadian Snow WheelThis kind of our steel wheel rim is made from rectangular metal sheets that are bent so as to make a cylindrical sleeve whose two free edges have been welded together, and then the sleeve is made into rims. Normally, in order to support the cylindrical rim structure, a disc will be made in the way of stamping a metal plate, and the disc should have proper holes for both center hub and lugnuts. To fit inside the rim, the radial outer surface of the wheel disk has a cylindrical geometry.
  • Middle East Wheel RimThe snow steel rim for the Middle East cars is mainly applied in car, SUV, and MPV of small block, such as HONDA, TOYOTA, etc. Its loading capacity is as much as 3500 pound.We provide a wide variety of steel wheels for our clients around the world, like wheel rims for automobiles, passenger cars, trailers, tubeless truck or demountable trucks, and more.
  • Trailer Wheel1. Compared with other companies, our technology of producing drag wheel is perfect and we have the products of all specification.
    2. We have a professional technology team, and have a high quality requirement to the products.
    3. We also have a professional quality inspection team to make sure all of our products are conducted fully,
    4. By conducting the product's surface treatment and preliminary treatment, the shelf life of trailer steel rim and quality are all improved.
  • RV Recreational Vehicle RimCompared with others, our custom steel wheel rim (SUV/jeep RV steel rim) is various in sizes with stable quality. Besides, it also meets the artistic and decent characters of custom steel rim. The custom steel rim or SUV/jeep steel rim, is mainly used in SUV, JEEP, RV and other kinds of refitting cars, recreational vehicle. The loading capacity is 1870 pound.
  • Pick Up WheelThis pickup wheel can give people the comfort of a small car, but it's quite different from the car wheel. Because the load it can deal with is much heavier than that of the car wheel in the same size. Its load capacity can be as much as 2 tons, in which case the weight of drivers and passengers is excluded. Made of pressed steel, this kind of pickup truck steel wheel rim has advantages of low manufacture costs, high strength and strong durability.