JEEP Wheel Rim

JEEP Description:
JEEP is not a car but a brand. The first jeep was produced in 1941 as the U.S military munitions. As the mother of JEEP, Daimler Chrysler is the only one who possesses the registered trademark.

JEEP Wheel Rim Introduction:
The design of JEEP adopts the front wheel rim drive. The former brake is ventilated discs. There is solid plate after the brake. This JEEP wheel rim is made of steel. In addition, various size spare tires can be available timely.

Specification of Jeep Wheel Rim:

Wuxi Hengsheng Wheel Co., Ltd is a professional JEEP wheel rim manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to JEEP wheel rim, we also provide other famous models steel wheels (rims) for our clients around the world, like Acura wheel rim, Audi wheel (rim), BMW wheel (rim), Ford wheel (rim for Mercury), Buick wheels (rims), Cadillac wheel (rim), Chevrolet (GMC) wheels, Chrysler (DODG, PLYMOUTH) steel wheels (rims), Daewoo wheel (rim), etc. We possess a professional technology team to guarantee the manufacturing of JEEP wheel rim. We will checkout all the products and give out a survey report. According to the needs of every client, there will be a dynamic balance sample survey among parts of the qualified JEEP wheel rim.

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