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Pick-up Truck Wheel Rim

Pick-up Truck Wheel Rim

The pick-up truck wheel rim allows the vehicle to move smoothly from place to place, or from destination to destination, and it can finish this kind of work easily, even though it is not as robust as the big truck wheel rim. Featuring energy-saving or being fuel efficient, this kind of truck rims is quite popular among customers across the globe.

This pick-up truck wheel rim can give people the comfort of a small car, but it's quite different from the car wheel. Because the load it can deal with is much heavier than that of the car wheel in the same size. Its load capacity can be as much as 2 tons, in which case the weight of drivers and passengers is excluded. Made of pressed steel, this kind of truck rim has advantages of low manufacture costs, high strength and strong durability.

According to specific requirements of our customers, we can upgrade our pick-up truck wheel rims. That's to say, custom rims are available.

We can provide an array of truck wheel rims with impressive features, such as sleek designs, lightweight build, etc. And all of our rims are at a price our customers can afford. To match different vehicles, they're available in a wide range of spoke designs and colors.

P.C.D 6-5.5
C.B 78
GM8069 pick-up wheel
Rim: 3.48 mm = 0.137''
Disc: 4.37 mm = 0.172"

P.C.D 6-130
C.B 87
FORD 3518 pick-up wheel
Rim: 3.2 mm
Disc: 5.8 mm

Wuxi Hengsheng Wheel Co., Ltd is a professional pick-up truck wheel rim manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide our customers worldwide with a wide range of steel wheel rims, such as snow steel rim, passenger car wheel rim, trailer steel rim (trailer wheel rim), tubeless truck wheel rim (demountable truck rim), mobilehome steel wheel rim, custom steel wheel rim (SUV/jeep steel rim), auto wheel rim (steel auto rim), etc. All of our products have obtained ISO9001 certification, American DOT certification and German TUV certification. With innovative design and competitive price, our products have been well received by customers from America, Oceania, Middle East and many other countries. If you're interested in our pick-up truck wheel rim, please contact us freely.

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