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Canadian Snow Wheel

HS-SW130 16×6.5J 5/Φ108 Φ63.3 spoke 52.5
HS-SW131 16×6.5J 5/Φ108 Φ63.5 spoke 52
HS-SW132 16×6.5J 5/Φ110 Φ65 spoke 37
HS-SW133 16×6.5J 5/Φ110 Φ65 spoke 41
HS-SW134 16×6.5J 5/Φ110 Φ65.1 spoke 42
HS-SW135 16×6.5J 5/Φ112 Φ57 spoke 42
HS-SW136 16×6.5J 5/Φ112 Φ57.1 spoke 50
HS-SW137 16×6.5J 5/Φ114.3 Φ60 spoke 45
HS-SW138 16×6.5J 5/Φ114.3 Φ66 spoke 40
HS-SW139 16×6.5J 5/Φ114.3 Φ66.1 spoke 40
HS-SW140 16×6.5J 5/Φ114.3 Φ67.1 spoke 42
HS-SW141 16×6.5J 5/Φ100 Φ56 spoke 48
HS-SW142 16×6.5J 5/Φ100 Φ65 spoke 41
HS-SW143 16×6.5J 5/Φ100 Φ54.1 spoke 45
HS-SW144 16×6.5J 5/Φ114.3 Φ67.5 spoke 41
HS-SW145 16×6.5J 5/Φ114.3 Φ72 spoke 41
HS-SW146 16×6.5J 5/Φ127 Φ72 spoke 41
HS-SW147 16×6.5J 5/Φ114.3 Φ67.1 spoke 42
HS-SW148 17×6.5J 5/Φ114.3 Φ71.5 spoke 40
HS-SW149 17×6.5J 5/Φ114.3 Φ66.1 spoke 40
HS-SW150 17×6.5J 5/Φ110 Φ65.1 spoke 37
HS-SW151 17×6.5J 5/Φ114.3 Φ64.1 spoke 45
HS-SW152 17×6.5J 6/Φ115 Φ70.3 spoke 42
HS-SW166 17×6.5J 5/Φ100 Φ57 spoke 40
HS-SW167 17×6.5J 5/Φ120 Φ72.5 spoke 45
HS-SW168 17×6.5J 5/Φ127 Φ71.5 spoke 50
HS-SW169 17×6.5J 6/Φ132 Φ74.5 spoke 50
HS-SW170 17×7J 5/Φ114.3 Φ71.5 spoke 40
HS-SW171 17×7J 5/Φ114.3 Φ66.1 spoke 40
HS-SW172 17×7J 5/Φ110 Φ65.1 spoke 37
HS-SW173 17×7J 5/Φ114.3 Φ64.1 spoke 45
HS-SW174 17×7J 6/Φ115 Φ70.3 spoke 42
HS-SW175 17×7J 5/Φ100 Φ57 spoke 40
HS-SW176 17×7J 5/Φ120 Φ72.5 spoke 45
HS-SW177 17×7J 5/Φ127 Φ71.5 spoke 50
HS-SW178 17×7J 6/Φ132 Φ74.5 spoke 50
HS-SW179 18×7J 5/Φ114.3 Φ71.5 spoke 40
HS-SW180 18×7J 5/Φ114.3 Φ66.1 spoke 40
HS-SW181 18×7J 5/Φ110 Φ65.1 spoke 37
HS-SW182 18×7J 5/Φ114.3 Φ64.1 spoke 45
HS-SW183 18×7J 6/Φ115 Φ70.3 spoke 42
HS-SW184 18×7J 5/Φ100 Φ57 spoke 40
HS-SW185 18×7J 5/Φ120 Φ72.5 spoke 45
HS-SW186 18×7J 5/Φ127 Φ71.5 spoke 50
HS-SW187 18×7J 6/Φ132 Φ74.5 spoke 50
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