Honda Wheel Rim

Honda Introduction:
Honda Corporation, founded in 1948 by Honda Pope Ichiro, is one of the 10 largest car manufacturers in the world. In the 80s Honda established trademark design team. The trademark, the Mongol three-stringed instrument sound box type, is chosen from more than 2500 draft plans around the world. The logo is actually a frame with the "H" in it. "H" is the first letter of "Honda".

Honda Wheel Rim Description:
The design of Honda wheel rim is outstanding and practical. After the application of the brake and the drive disc, Honda wheel rim also uses the foot brake. The wheel hub is made of steel. The other materials are the same with the Mongol three-stringed instrument sound box.

Parameter of Honda Wheel Rim:

Wuxi Hengsheng Wheel Co., Ltd is a professional Honda wheel rim manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to Honda wheel rim, we also provide other famous models steel wheels (rims) for our clients around the world, like Hummer wheels (rims), HYUNDAI wheel (rim), Infiniti wheel (rim), JEEP wheel (rim), Kia wheels (rims), Lexus wheel (rim), Lincoln wheel (rim), Mazda wheel (rim), Mercedes wheel (rim), Volkswagen wheels (rims), Volkswagen wheels (rims), etc. We possess a professional technology team to guarantee the manufacturing of Honda wheel rim. We will checkout all the products and give out a survey report. According to the needs of every client, there will be a dynamic balance sample survey among parts of the qualified Honda wheel rim.

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