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Steel rim diameter sub-variety, according to the width of the good variety. So, different diameters, different widths, different materials can be separated many models.

Steel rim introduction
Name: wheel
Hanyu Pinyin: lún gǔ
Tire itself is the software, the profile of the support of the tire in the tire inner barrel-shaped, the center is called a rim mounted in the shaft member.

The same diameter, but the width is not the same, has the opposite, but both data are different wheels, suitable for respective different tires. Someone suspected of original tire is not enough senior, would like to upgrade often widened, lower than the flat, to increase the diameter change material, at this time, if you have to change the wheels, called modified wheels.
Cars wheel bearings is used as a pair of single row tapered roller or ball bearings. With the development of technology, the sedan has a wide range of use of the the sedan wheel rim unit. The growing scope and use of the use of the wheel rim bearing unit, has been developed to the third generation: the first generation is composed by a double row angular contact bearings. The second generation of the outer raceway has a bearing fixed the flange can be simple bearing sleeve to the axle with nut fixed. Makes the maintenance of the car becomes easy. The third generation wheel rim bearing units bearing units and anti-lock brake system compatible. The steel rim unit is designed as an inner flange and an outer flange, the inner flange is bolted to the drive shaft, the outer flange of the whole bearing mounted together.
Worn or damaged wheel bearing or steel rim unit will make your vehicle on the road traveling the high cost of failure, and even damage to your safety.

The rim also known as wheels. Wheel surface treatment process will take a different approach according to the characteristics and needs of the different models can be broadly divided into two kinds of paint and electroplating.

Wheels of ordinary models considered in appearance less good heat dissipation is an essential requirement, basic craft paint handling, that is, first spray and then roasted, cost more economical and beautiful colors, long hold time, even if the vehicle is scrapped color wheels remain unchanged. Many Volkswagen models wheel surface treatment processes are paint, such as the Santana 2000, the Xiali Jun Ya, the pride of the times, lioncel or Honda Odyssey. Stylish, dynamic color wheel to use paint technology. Such wheels affordable, complete specifications. Chrome wheels and sub-type of plating silver, water, electroplating and pure electroplating. The silver plating and water chrome wheels bright color vivid but remain short time, so the price is relatively cheap, like many young people in the pursuit of novelty, the market price of between 300 yuan and 500 yuan. Pure chrome wheels, such as Shanghai GM production Buick GL8? Original equipment is pure chrome wheels, color long hold time can be said to be upscale. High-end cars, such as wide of the Audi multi-use of pure chrome wheels, the price is about $ 800-900

Wheel Material can be divided into two categories: steel wheel rim, alloy wheels.
A steel rim main advantage is the manufacturing process is simple, relatively low cost, and strong resistance to metal fatigue. But the disadvantages are also obvious, such as weight, inertial resistance, poor heat dissipation, and so on.
2 alloy wheels the advantages of light weight, high precision manufacturing strength, inertial resistance, cooling capacity, visual effects, etc., the disadvantage is the complexity of the manufacturing process, and high cost.
Alloy wheels more aluminum as the basic material, appropriate to join the elements made of the metal such as manganese, magnesium, chromium, titanium. And steel wheel rim, alloy wheels with energy conservation, safety, comfort and features, so more and more cars have alloy wheels as standard. Here we take a look at the three major characteristics of the alloy wheels.
1 Energy alloy wheels of light weight, high manufacturing precision, and rotated at high speed when the deformation is small, the small inertial resistance, and help to improve the straight running performance of the motor vehicle, to reduce the tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing the fuel consumption.
2 Safety thermal conductivity of the aluminum alloy is three times that of steel, the cooling effect is very good, which enhances braking performance and improve the life of tires and brake discs, effective protection of the safe driving of motor vehicles.
The comfortable car equipped with alloy wheels generally cushioning and shock absorption performance is better than the ordinary tire flat tire, the car on a bumpy road or high speed, comfort greatly improve.
Several alloy wheels
A multi-piece alloy wheels
Two-piece and three-piece multi-piece alloy wheels, wheel several parts manufacturing forging and spinning process, then with titanium bolt connection, these products light weight, high strength, superior performance, but expensive, mainly for all kinds Championship racing and luxury car. Car race of the worldwide level, whether it is a car or motorcycle, no matter under what conditions, and requirements of the vehicle speed in a short period of 3s to accelerate from zero to 100km / h, therefore the wheels on the track be able to withstand the the overload operation state, due to the high lateral acceleration, a high operating speed and harsh conditions generated strong and tire wear generated temperature rise caused by the impact in such an environment, a multi-piece aluminum rim withstood the test of all kinds of difficult circumstances. Product quality light, due to the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, product structure, high strength, multi-piece combination of modeling gives a thick and sturdy feel.
2 one-piece racing alloy wheels
F1 racing require the use of a single-piece wheels, in order to ensure that the use of performance of the wheels and the vehicle weight reduction requirements, often forging billet forming spinning process production to ensure product performance and lightweight, with the same specifications The cast alloy wheels compared to more than 18% increase in its mechanical properties, and also reduce about 20% of the quality. The one-piece alloy wheels specifically for the design and manufacture of F1 racing, has withstood the test of a difficult environment. However, the performance requirements of passenger car alloy wheels, unlike racing is as harsh piece low pressure cast alloy wheels sufficient to meet the performance requirements, but passenger cars pay more attention to the appearance and aesthetic design alloy wheels. By the racing sport's impact and energy-efficient, aesthetic requirements, car alloy wheel rim also occur with changes more rich sense of movement of large diameter, soft spoke alloy wheel rim design, and lightweight alloy wheel rim design, is the car alloy wheel rim main development trends and the pursuit of the direction.
3 built-in air alloy wheels
In order to maximize the reduction of the quality of the wheels, a new concept New lightweight alloy wheels built-in air alloy wheels came into being through the cavity technology to further reduce the quality of the wheels. This alloy wheels have a single-piece and two modular stars built into the one-piece air alloy wheels through the cavity technology, will be made of all spokes of the steel rim, the wheel rim of the internal and external projections at the shoulder cavity greatly reduce the quality of the wheels, the weight loss of up to 20% compared with the same structural alloy wheels, while the use of performance has been greatly enhanced; the inner convex shoulder at two modular built-in air sucked wheels rim alloy wheels made of cavity, greatly reducing the quality of the wheels, the weight loss of 5% compared with the same structure of alloy wheels, improved product performance. Alloy wheels of this type is the use of the casting blank, the use of the spinning process to complete the manufacture of the cavity.

Manufacturing methods
Alloy wheels three types: gravity casting, forging, low-voltage precision casting manufacturing method.
A gravity casting method, the use of gravity to the molten aluminum alloy is poured into the mold, after molding polished via lathe processing, to complete the production. The manufacturing process is relatively simple, without the precision of the casting process, low cost and high production efficiency, but is easy to generate the bubble (trachoma), uneven density, surface smoothness is insufficient. Geely has quite a vehicle is equipped with wheels produced in this way, mainly early production models, new models and more have been wrapped with the new wheel rim.
2. The forging piece of aluminum ingots kiloton presses directly on the mold extrusion, the benefits of uniform density, the surface is smooth and soft, the steel rim wall thin and light weight, the highest material strength, than Middle School into casting method, but due to the need for more sophisticated production equipment, and the yield is only five to 60%, higher manufacturing costs.
Low precision casting 0.1Mpa low pressure precision casting, this way of casting good formability, a clear outline of uniform density, surface finish, can achieve high strength, light weight, and can control costs, and the finished product in the over ninety percent. Mainstream method for manufacturing high-quality alloy wheels.

1, the rim: and tire assembly with, supporting the portion of the tire of the wheel.
2, the spokes: the axle wheel rim embodiment install connections, part of the support rim of the wheel.
Offset: the rim center plane to the distance between the spoke mounting surface. Positive offset, zero offset negative bias away from the points.
4, the rim: maintain and support the tire direction of the rim portion.
5, the bead seat: in contact with the tire ring, supporting the maintenance of the radial direction of the tire rim portion.
6, the bottom: To facilitate tire detachably, left on the rim of a certain depth and width of the pit.
7, the valve hole: Install the tire valve hole. [1]

Selection of wheels three elements
Three factors to consider when selecting wheels.
Do not blindly increase the steel rims. Was to improve vehicle performance and increase the wheels, tire outside diameter of the same case, the large wheels is bound to meet the wide, flat tires, the car's lateral oscillation touches small, improved stability, cornering like a superficial, light passing. But the more flat tires, and its thickness is thinner, the worse the damping performance and comfort necessary to make greater sacrifices. In addition, there is a little stones and other roadblocks a Ge tire easily damaged. Therefore can not be ignored at the expense of blindly increase the wheels. In general, based on the size of the original wheel rim to increase the two numbers is the most appropriate.
Three from the
This means that when the selection can not be arbitrary to pick their favorite shape, but also to listen to the technicians of the proposal consider three distance suitability.
Complex structure, intensive wheels really beautiful, it is a grade, but it is easy to wash, or more money in the car wash when rejected because it is too much trouble to wash up. Minimalist wheels but sporty, neat and tidy. Of course, if you do not bother, no harm. Nowadays enjoys popular aluminum alloy wheels, compared to the past the cast-iron wheel rim, has been greatly improved in the degree of resistance to deformation, significant reduction in weight, small car power loss, up and running fast, fuel-efficient and good heat dissipation, as the majority of owners favorite. Here to remind you that a lot of car dealers in order to cater to the tastes of the owners before the sale of motor vehicles, prior to steel wheels replaced with alloy wheels, but the price has severely increased by an Therefore, from the economical point of view to consider when buying a car is not too concerned about material wheels, anyway in accordance with their own style exchange, can also save a price, why not?

The basic parameters
A steel rim includes a number of parameters, and each parameter will affect the use of the vehicle, so before the modification and maintenance of wheels, have to confirm these parameters.
Wheel size is the diameter of the wheel, we can often hear people say, 15-inch wheels, 16-inch wheels that argument, which refers to the 15 and 16-inch wheels, the size (diameter). Cars in general, steel rims size tire flat than high, can play a very good visual tension effect, and will also increase the stability of the vehicle control, but the consequent increased fuel consumption Such additional problems.
The width of the steel rim and are commonly known as J values, the width of the steel rims directly affect the choice of tires, a tire of the same size, J value is different, the selected tire aspect ratio and width is different.
PCD holes
PCD's professional name called pitch circle diameter means the diameter of the wheel rim Central's fixed bolts between the general steel rim large porous bit 5 bolts and four bolt, and the bolt distance but also have their own different, so we often can listen to to 4X103 5X114.3 5X112 so called to 5X114.3 example, on behalf of Fengyun wheels PCD is 114.3mm, 5 holes bolt. steel rim, PCD is one of the most important parameters, the best choice for security and stability considerations, the PCD with the original car's wheels to upgrade.
English Offset, commonly known as the ET value, wheel bolts fixed surface with geometric centerline (steel rim cross section centerline) between the distance, to put it simple is the rim in the middle screw mounts difference between the center and the entire rim, popular point that is indented wheels modified or bulge outward. The average sedan, the ET value is positive, negative a few vehicles and some jeep. Such as a car's partial distance is 40 put ET45 wheels will visually more than the original wheels are retracted into the wheel arches. Of course, ET value not only affect the visual changes, it will be the vehicle's steering characteristics, wheel alignment angles have a relationship, the gap is too large offset value may cause the tires wear, bearing wear, or even impossible normal installation (brake system and wheel rim mutual friction can not be normal rotation), while in most cases, with a brand with a style of wheel rim will provide different ET values ​​can choose, refit before you want to consider a combination of factors, most insurance is in modified braking system under the premise of maintaining modified wheels ET value is the same as with the original ET.
Center hole
The center hole is used fixedly connected with the vehicle part, that is, the position of the steel rim center and wheel rim concentrically, where the diameter size affect our mounting steel rim can ensure the geometric center of the rim geometric center and rim anastomosis. (Although the displacement of the steel rim can be converted Pitch, but this modification there is a risk, users need to be cautious trial).