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φ400*900 Mining Cart Wheel Sets

900 Gauge Mining Cart Wheel Sets 400 Diameter Mining Wheel Outer Cover Long Life

900 Gauge Mining Cart Wheel Sets,400 Diameter ,Mine Wheel Cover, Parts Cover

Mining Cart Wheel Sets is the main component of the mine car,good or bad of the directly affects the use of the mine car. Mining Cart is mainly used for transporting minerals, so its load bearing capacity will be relatively large, so it is required that the load bearing capacity of mine wheels should be good. Tai'an Yucheng mine wheels made of steel, bearing capacity, wear resistance, long service life, my company's mine wheels complete specifications, 600 gauge 300 wheel diameter and 762 gauge 300 wheel diameter have, other specifications we can also be customised. Wheel cover on the mine wheel is also the main wearing parts, long-term collision friction will directly damage the mine wheel cover, wheel cover we also have production, welcome to order.

generally have cast steel and cast iron two kinds of materials, cast steel Mining Cart Wheel Sets cast iron  bearing capacity to be larger, long trial life. Can produce and process various types of mine cars and Mining Cart Wheel Sets

What it does:

Mine wheels in the production of bearings, wheel body and other key parts of the original,to ensure the stability of the wheel in the use of the process; Mining Cart on the inside of the rim, the rim and the rails leave a certain gap between. The tread surface of the wheel in contact with the rail is made into a cone, so as to keep the wheel pair in alignment when running along the track, reduce mechanical grinding and lower running resistance.


Usually, wheels, axles, bearings, sealing materials, etc. together form a Mining Cart Wheel Sets. In the process of travelling, especially when running on the curved road, the mine car needs to withstand gravity, beacon friction, as well as the role of centrifugal force. Wheel by the friction of the influence and constraints, the degree of wear and tear continues to increase.

Failure Problems:

1. Seal failure. in the operation process, if the operating environment contains acid, alkali composition of coal water, in this case, through the gap of the seals coal water will enter the bearing raceway, so that the coal sludge clogging ball, and then to a certain extent, the phenomenon of jamming, and further triggered the failure.

2. Bearing failure. When the bearing is jammed, the bearing inner ring, outer ring and axle or hub to a certain extent between the relative rotation, making the axle wear further aggravated, when the serious wear of the inner circle of the wheel hub, in this case, it will increase the wheel hub and bearing outer ring clearance, and then failure.

LANTYTO® Machine is mainly engaged in various mining track equipment, products include including turnouts, blockers, gauge, gauge ties, benders, wrenches, road starters, ground rollers, mining wheel pairs, blockers and so on, the product is rich and varied, specifications and models, and the price is reasonable, the need to please feel free to call.

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